Liberty Village Landlord Services

Our goal is to exceed your expectations

Our value-added services, such as strategic pricing, marketing and our pre-screening will locate the highest quality tenant who will take care of your property and pay your rent on time every month.

Our entire focus is to reduce your risk as a Landlord so you can get on with your life and not worry about your property. We are confident our efficient process will gain a better result than you could achieve if you tried to do it all by yourself.


Key elements of the Camber Walden Group AAA Tenant Locator Service

• Conduct research to determine the market rental rate for your property.

• Advertise your listing to all Realtors in the GTA.

• Send out your listing to all the residents of Liberty Village via our Liberty Village Real Estate News newsletter.

• Advertise your listing on, the top-rated neighbourhood site.

• Ensure Landlord and Tenant are completely informed of their Rights and Responsibilities under the Residential Tenancies Act of Ontario (2008).


As part of the Camber Walden Landlord Service, we carefully screen all applicants for:

• Employment (are they employed full time?)

• Salary (does their current salary permit them to cover the rent and additional costs?)

• Personal references (are they regarded as responsible and of good character by their peers?)

• Previous landlord references (do they have a history of paying their rent on time and keeping their rental in good order?)

• Credit score (does their credit check show evidence of financial responsibility, making payments on time and low debt-levels?)


As part of the Camber Walden Landlord Service we will also:

• Collect documentation to support the eligibility of each applicant (rental application, employment letter, personal references, landlord references and credit report)

• We will call all references and places of employment

• We will negotiate the Agreement to Lease to ensure all terms meet your expectations

• Collect a certified first and last month’s deposit on your behalf

• Request 10 post-dated cheques prior to occupancy

• Ensure the tenant has obtained contents and liability insurance prior to occupancy

• Arrange a face-to-face meeting with you and your new tenants for key exchange (should you wish that)

• Provide you with information for Tenants and Landlords as provided by the Landlord and Tenant Board